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The problem is that, in Venezuela, this “we” does not include the opposition

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‘The support of the Dilma Maduro’ editorial Estadão


When in Venezuela today to honor the inauguration of President-elect Nicolas Maduro, president Dilma Rousseff will be giving formal support, purportedly on behalf of all Brazilians, a government whose legitimacy is at least controversial.

The model of democracy that exists in Venezuela at the expense of successive electoral victories lost lushness to “tie” the last election, exposing without lies and half words, the authoritarian character of the “Bolivarian revolution”. There is no longer a charismatic figure like Hugo Chavez, even in the form of a bird, capable of Venezuelans believe that the country they live in, with all its violence, corruption and famine, is the socialist paradise on earth. There remained only the mediocre lieutenants of the late warlord, who only guarantee in power by rigging the ruling of all the institutions of the republic, a machine mounted ubiquitous to intimidate any form of opposition.

That is why, despite the opposition justified suspicions about the fairness of the election Maduro, the heir to Chavez takes over without any resistance opposes it legal. When the President of the Supreme Court, Luisa Morales, accused the defeated candidate Henrique Capriles to “trick” the Venezuelans, for exercising their right to request a recount, because there is no longer a true democracy – it is that under Chavism someday there.

In the National Electoral Council (CNE), the farce was complete. In record time, was proclaimed winner Maduro, even with the reluctance of the one of its members is not Chavez, Vicente Díaz, who had defended the recount. It is this same CNE not found any complaints about the illegal use, in daylight, the structure of the state to promote the pro-government candidate, who did not bother with the permanent exhibition of the same candidate in all TV stations, campaigning explicitly including the period in which it was expressly illegal in blatant favoritism, and failed to investigate hundreds of reports of voter intimidation, ballot box rigged and propaganda governing illegal.

How Dilma should know, democracy does not become authentic just by the act of placing a vote in a ballot box. The Chavista, every time it exposes the authoritarianism of his government, rowing as arguments to prove its democratic character of the elections so that Chavez won, whose smoothness was attested by international observers. Like all rhetorical trickery, this ignores the fact that elections are just one of the instruments of democracy, that only works if there is strong and independent institutions and are guaranteed freedom of speech and the alternation in power. None of this is in Venezuela, as just proved the president of the National Assembly Diosdado Cabello, who sent dismiss the opposition of the parliamentary committees. “Mr opponent who does not recognize President Nicolas Maduro will not be recognized by the National Assembly,” said Cabello, very democratically.

In the face of the dead in street clashes and uncertainty about the election results, many countries have delayed the recognition of victory Maduro. For the U.S. and the European Union, the recount requested by Capriles would be important to give the elected legitimacy is suspect. But the government of Dilma, aligned Bolivarian certifiable as Argentina, Bolivia and Ecuador, treated quickly endorse Maduro, and by extension, create a climate of confrontation with the United States – which Maduro deal to make the most to gain legitimacy in the cry.

While expressing full support to Maduro, former President Lula, Dilma head, flung this strategy: “From time to time, Americans are dedicated to doubt the election of others. Should worry about themselves and leave us elejamos our destiny. “The problem is that, in Venezuela, this “we” does not include the opposition.

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