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Minister Maria do Rosario is suspected of lying to rid the Federal Savings

Published May 27, 2013, Matters on POLICY. Follow more information, subscribe: RSS 2.0. Thanks for linking to CSOPI BRAZIL. E-mail:

What was that last week Minister Maria do Rosario, Human Rights, gave the central news of the opposition?

What Dilma, in turn, called the “inhumane and criminal”?

Lula, action practiced by “evil people”?

José Eduardo Cardozo, Justice Minister of “orchestrated maneuver”?

And Ruy Falcon, national president of the PT, the “election terrorism”?

On Saturday 18, and the next day in 13 states, a million customers Bolsa Familia invaded lottery agencies to withdraw their allowances outside the appointed day. Rumors were aware that the program would be terminated or suspended. Or that Rousseff authorized the payment of a bonus.

There was smashing. The police was thrown.

The Minister Maria do Rosario corrected a few hours after hanging on to the opposition by the consequences of the rumors. Described as “simple” your own review ─ no more than “simple.” And secured with the innocence that God gave him: “I do not want to politicize.”

Well, well, well …

Who through an “orchestrated maneuver” could do “election terrorism”? Government allies? Of course not.

Once politicized the episode is politicized. Only gradually threatens to turn against the government. At best it would have been a case of mismanagement sprinkled with lies.

Among the afternoons of Saturday and Sunday, when desperate people pushed up and vandalized lottery agencies in the treasure hunt of Bolsa Família, two regional managers Savings suggested that an error of the payment system would be responsible for the release of the money in disagreement with the program schedule. One, Helium Duranti, Maranhão, was accurate.

“The rumors emerged after a delay in the payment of the benefit occurred throughout the country. The situation was normalized, but many people searched for the ATMs at the same time and the money ran out, “he said. “Who has not encountered became angry and broke the boxes.”

The Minister Tereza Campello, Social Development, chose to observe: “There is no motivation for what we could generate this kind of unrest for the population.”

Is it?

The direction of Savings across the week denying it had tweaked the payment schedule. Until last Friday, the Folha de S. Paul found in Caucaia, metropolitan region of Fortaleza, the housewife Diana dos Santos, 34 years. In previous Friday she had been to an ATM to withdraw the R $ 32.00 Bolsa Família for April. When you insert your card, drew the April R $ 32.00 and R $ 32.00 in May.

“I get the Bolsa Família for years and have never paid in advance,” said Diana. “I think other people were also warned to known and turned this mess.”

Box then invented another story after they broke up in the air the story she had been telling. Released a statement saying:

─ The Savings clarifies that has been performing since March, several improvements in Social Information. As a result of this procedure, on Friday (17), the first day of the payment schedule of Bolsa Família benefits of the month of May, the bank released the loot regardless of individual calendar.

Payment is made taking into account the last number of the magnetic card of each scholarship. Box released the money to pay everyone once, but did not warn anyone. Moreover, did not explain how such an operation can improve your Social Information.

It is reasonable to suspect that the box lied again.

To change the payment system of the Bolsa Família allowing withdrawals at other dates, the Executive Board of the box would have to be consulted ─ and it was not, he told me one of their members. Or informed ─ and it was not.

The box hides a failed system, which made possible payments after hours.

On the day that the lie took Sheet Box, a source at the Federal Police, through the advance guarantee of anonymity, revealed to The Globe in Brasilia which was located in Rio de Janeiro central telemarketing responsible for the dissemination of rumors.

Did not name the plant. Neither of its owner. Did not say who hired her. Not as central had access to telephone numbers registered in the Bolsa Família.

No access to telephone numbers as the clearinghouse could spread rumors?

While the Federal Police did not reveal the name of the company and does not submit the criminal who ordered the service will survive the suspicion that her mind to save the face of Savings.

By Ricardo Noblat, published in this blog Noblat Monday.

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